The COLOSTOMY ASSOCIATION OF VICTORIA (CAV) is a not-for-profit, self-help group formed in 1959 to support ostomates. CAV is a service provider of the STOMA APPLIANCE SCHEME administered by SERVICES AUSTRALIA.


Ostomates who pay the SAS FINANCIAL YEAR ACCESS FEE to the CAV are then eligible to place monthly orders with the CAV for stoma products. The costs of the products and all costs associated with ordering and collection of supplies are covered by the SAS. The CAV must ensure that limits set for each product on the scheme have not been exceeded, then will supply, for collection from the CAV premises, the products to which each ostomate is entitled under the scheme.


OPTIONAL SERVICES such as PARCEL DELIVERY are NOT covered by the SAS FINANCIAL YEAR ACCESS FEE and payment for those services must be made to the CAV BEFORE those services will be provided.


The CAV offers STOMAL THERAPY CLINICS. Eligible ostomates can make an appointment. The first appointment each financial year is FREE OF CHARGE. Subsequent visits may be charged.


The CAV holds its ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING in the CAV rooms at 12 pm on the last WEDNESDAY of NOVEMBER. Agenda items are notified to members in the CAV QUARTERLY NEWSLETTERS.


The CAV is closed on all VICTORIAN PUBLIC HOLIDAYS and for the CHRISTMAS / NEW YEAR PERIOD, December 23 to January 7 inclusive.


CAV has ZERO TOLERANCE of any RUDE or AGGRESSIVE behaviour directed towards any CAV volunteer. Think of how valuable each volunteer is to the CAV and the 2500 ostomates they serve and treat them with the respect they deserve.